Spirit 'Shadowspill.' Looks almost black at first glance but is actually a deep red. Is extremely strong. Think of a cross between tequila and absinthe you have an idea of the target market. Even has it's own 'advanced' way of shotting. From a vessel made from the wood of a specific tree found in Parisa. The inside is burnt a little to infuse the liquor with charcoal. Then ground dried fruit of the same tree is sprinkled over the top. This fruit is poisonous in the wrong amounts. Originated in Parisa but brought to Lymoria by the Elves. It's not necessarily rare but can be expensive. Described as being like "Drinking the blood of your enemies."

Ale. 'Wolf' One common drink consumed by all Five Rings mercenaries. A brew out of Raven's Rest from the basement of the Wolve's Den. It's apparently meant to be a really good time but part of the demand for Wolf is that it's practically a myth and legend. A bottle of the stuff is worth a stupid amount of money only because the mercs tend to drink everything they make. Selling very little of it. It's sometimes not even available at the bar it's made at. 

Wine 'Dark Oubliette' by Starless Vineyards. Luxx's favorite red wine. Would be classed as a Pinot Noir. Actually brewed by a vineyard in Lymoria by half-Elves. Though it has Elven and Human influences the label sports the silhouette of a fairy with a spiny set of wings.