These long insects are known for their incredibly sharp wings that can cut into it’s targets as it flies past. Highly aggressive a hive of these can be quite dangerous for surrounding human settlements. These insects are native to the whispering forest of Lymoria. In fact, many scholars believe it is the rich mineral deposits of the Lymorian mountains that triggered the mutation of the insects. Though that is just a theory at the moment as they are very difficult to study. These insects are long, reaching up to at least 2.5 feet in length. The largest of these insects can reach 4 feet. The coloration is dirt brown with silver wings. The wings are often compared to sharpened steel and able to pierce chainmail and some plate mail. These insects are incredibly dangerous and are treated with caution. They live in hives of up to a twenty or so insects with a queen at least 6 feet in length. The normal strategy for dealing with them is smoke, like the honey bee smoke puts them into a catatonic state that allows someone to get close and burn the hive. Killing the helpless insects and allowing safe extermination. The insects mostly sustain themselves off of nectar and plants but they have been known to eat meat and carrion if found.