Name: Blessenrot

Appearance: The blessenrot is a red vine that grows like ivy on trees. It has an interesting leaf shape, almost akin to a jagged cloven hoof. The leaves themselves are the size of a child's hand, with dark red veins stemming from the main body. The main leaf is dark green, and its total appearance may seem unsettling to most onlookers. Many leaves can be found growing on the vine, as well as a few bunches of small dark red flowers which, later, turn into seeds.

Environment: Blessenrots are most often found in dense woodland areas, though they stay away from super wet environments. They often wrap around thick tree trunks, running up and around the trunk as if it were constricting it. Though an unpleasant sight, these vines do not harm the tree and in fact act as a deterrent from animals that would otherwise harm the tree. Though not super common, one would be able to find a few vines in any forest they happen to be traversing through. Known locations include Zephyr Wood, Arbany Wood, Vaeri, Whispering Forest, Llyne Forest, Elias Forest, and Enchanted Forest.

Uses: The Blessenrot is a medicinal herb with moderate healing potency. It is used to strengthen healing potions and salves, and even tints the solution a deep green color. Its effects can also be extracted if used in food, although it tastes extremely bitter. Blessenrot Stew, for example, is a common dish that elvish parents give their children to help with any sort of sickness (though some children may refer to this as torture). If too much is consumed or used in a solution, the user may feel confused or spaced out, becoming disoriented. Wounds healed with a salve made from blessenrot paste may leave little to no scaring, but may sting upon initial application. While the blessenrot is not used as an antidote, it may be combined with an antidote to help the afflicted regain some physical well being.