Celiopedal The Celiopedal is, with all due respect, a hideous creature. Built up of black chitin covering a 10 metre long, 0,5 metre wide body. In essence, it shares most similarities with the Centipede, thus its similair name. Yet it lives in quite a different fashion.  The Celiopedal consists of just short of a hundred legs. Each two pairs of legs sharing a separate body compartment, as well as with a singular thick chitin to cover this bodypart. The underside of the body is left fleshy and only held together with the many legs it has. At the very front of the body, the head can be found. One with six large teeth used for rending already dead prey or hurting live prey. But to kill its prey, the Celiopedal uses its many legs to wrap around prey and stab into into it, maiming it beforehand to make eating it easier, as its intestines are quite unrefined for its size.  The many legs of the Celiopedal are an impressive thing. Not only are there so many and can they effectively rip flesh and bone alike, but they are also highly sensitive to certain frequencies. This allows the Celiopedal to utilize it´s famed hunting tactic that involves hunting underground. With its many legs and teeth, it can swiflty dig in and through soft dirt and sand at rapid pace. This fashion of movement is much slower than normally, but it can still allow the Celiopedal to hunt unseen and unheard. Any movement on the ground´s surface can be picked up this way by the Celiopedal. This is why travelers along the the roads between Forttaane and Raven´s rest - the common living territory for the Celiopedal - are advised to sleep atop of slabs of stone rather than on greenery. A hardy underground is much better than an untimely death after all.