Coreleum Within the deepest reaches of the Wastes, one creature roams the underground shadows. This creature, the coreleum, is a good 2.5 metres long from head to tail. It sticks to crawling on its quadruped limbs. These limbs are set with uncomfortably long, thin claws which they use to dig through the charred stone ground of the wastes. However, the male Coreleum deviates from the mediator size with a stunning 4 metres.  The head of the Coreleum reminds of a malnutrition dog. With foggy eyes and needle teeth, this creature truly seems like it was pulled straight from a nightmare. Where one might expect ears, these creatures have either small flaps or simply lack them all together. They are normally born with pointy ears, but most Coreleum has their ears gnawed off at a young age. The rest of this creature's body is a hunched, scaled one. With long spikes interloping with thick scales and patches of fur in the parts of the body that require more movement capability. Behind the bulky body is a short, leathery tail.

The Coreleum holds its best hunting trait in it's capability to dig through the rough ground of the wastes. Burrowing deep underground and moving around using the dusty earth as its cover, this creature has been found ambushing people from seemingly nowhere as they can pop up straight from the ground itself. For this very reason, people travelling the wastes, if they really must, are advised to walk on solid stone and avoid softer patches of ground. Especially sand or dust ground is dangerous, as Coreleum can detect movement on such terrains from multiple kilometres away. 

The Coreleum is a group hunter, operating in groups of three to four, with there always being only one male in the harem. These creatures, unlike what their dog-like head would imply, lay eggs. For this, they use underground burrows. On average, each Coreleum female will lay roughly twenty eggs, of which only a few survive infanthood. Eventually, when a youngling reaches adulthood, it leaves the family and goes to find a family of its own.  These creatures are highly hostile to the same sex. When one male Coreleum encounters another, they will be likely to engage in a fight to the death. Female Coreleum too has aggressive tendencies but will abstain from such behaviour when in a harem. 

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