Tucked away on a cozy side-street in Lymoria City lies a clean, well-lit storefront. The sign above bears a red cross - a universal symbol for medicine in the city. Painted neatly on the door are the words "All Are Welcome." A poignant phrase, as the store is located within walking distance of the refugee districts. Upon entering, a small string of bells will jingle. Welcome to Daily Remedies.

The interior of the store is separated into two rooms, with a stairwell leading to a living quarters upstairs. The front room is designed as a small store, with shelving built into the walls to hold various goods. Bundles of herbs, teas, and poultices line one side, giving the entire store a faint fragrance. On the other side one can find bandages, splints, and other necessities for home first-aid. Behind the counter are an assortment of glass vials and jars, each labeled carefully with instructions for use.

A dark curtain leads to the room in the back of the shop, which has been set up for patient visits. Despite everything being as sterile as possible, some small homey touches have been added. Colorful pictures hang on the wall, apparently drawn by younger patients. Beside the examination table stands a coat rack, a physician's coat hanging from it. 

Should a member of a certain unnamed underground organization find their way to Daily Remedies, they might be interested in the storage beneath the store. While the trapdoor looks like it leads to a perfectly normal storeroom, there are a few hidden nooks that might come in very handy for someone who needs to lay low for a while.

For those seeking healing, please do try to show up during daylight hours! The resident healer greatly dislikes being woken up in the middle of the night unless the emergency is dire.

Thank you, and shop safely!