General Description

Elves have minimal magic and are excellent warriors. They generally live to be 5,000 though there are a few who live longer, and they are the same size and shape as humans. Elves originate from Sutherlands, their homes now commonly found in Lymoria or Raven's Rest. All elves have a rudimentary knowledge of elvish magic, but the Hammubari elves have mastered it. Elves are much like humans in every other aspect. They live and work generally in the same manner.


Haf Elves

They are stocky and kind of short compared to other elves. Often bulky from working in the mines and forges. They are generally tanned from working out in the sun and their hair usually contains neutral colors such as light browns and grayish browns.

Ilkain Elves

Ilkains are usually known to have fair skin and dark brown or black hair. Their eyes are often Dark as well. Occasionally their hair and eyes are silver colored. They are tall and slender and known for their intellect.

Ingvarian Elves

These Elves are usually tanned and have darker hair and eyes. They are usually tall and lean. They are a very strong and agile type of elf.

Hammurabi Elves

Elves of the Hammurabian Kingdom are by far the most tolerant of the elven races. They are known for their peaceful ways and swift generosity. As a whole, they are known for their exceptional knowledge of the land and its healing properties. Their knowledge of healing magic is also extensive. Their overall appearance is representative of what most would think of when they hear the word "elf". They are always fair skinned, their complexions almost porcelain. A Hammurabi Elf will often have silver hair or light golden hair with bright, lightly colored and vibrant eyes. They are very calm and serene. They are not a violent race, but a thoughtful and wise one.