The Rules

-All posts must be in the order of the posting positions that are signed up for.

-All Staff runned NPC’s must be treated as characters and cannot be controlled without the writers permission.

-All involved in event have two days to respond (such short time BECAUSE we are encouraging fairly short posts). If you miss it then you may be skipped. Don’t worry, you can just pick up in your place once again when it comes up. Just know that because there is a lot of ground to cover, we won’t wait too long to avoid having an event open for several months. 

-Posts must be a maximum of 2-3 paragraphs to keep the event going more quickly. A simple paragraph is OKAY. 

How it will be organized

To avoid excessively confusing and clogged threads that move slow. We are going to split everyone into groups after the first initial thread where the host welcomes everyone and thanks them for coming to help. Then everyone gives a token response and sizes each other up. The thread ends with a random list of groups. From there three threads will be started, one for each group. Each group will have been given a task. Staff will guide things but try not to take over and let everyone have fun. These tasks will go from ordinary ship work to interesting when they discover things. 

On that note, in the first set of groups where items and things are found, we MIGHT pick certain characters and pm them the item that they find at the start of the thread. We will leave it to them to introduce said item. FYI: they will all be useless because each group will have an item that the other group needs. 

Then we will meed up again for a group post or an interlude, then split into different groups again. Giving a chance for everyone to swap info and link their finds. 

And so on.....

Much of the event will go on like this. We have tried to tie in, mystery, humor, and action into one event we hope everyone enjoys it!