We do all the claims and things in one shot through the profile submissions so who is the face for your character should be tacked into their appearance somewhere. We will add it here when accepted. We DO NOT REQUIRE face claims. We also DO NOT CARE if artwork is used so long it represents the character and is not graphic.

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Amanda Brandao - Raven Marina

Austin Butler - Howell Zane

Benedict Cumberbatch - Aidan Torsten

Ben Barnes - Lucas Black

Brock O'Hurn - Adam Larcan

Caleb Lane - Takeshi (jinx) Volskin

Chanel Iman - Asra Kovac

Charlize Theron - Celeste Treblanc

Chris Hemsworth - Glyph Knostos

Colin O'Donoghue - Bran Eamon

Emily Browning - Rosalind Caleb

Emma Stone - Cassiopeia Sagorsky

Emma Watson - Brystal Auden

F - G - H - I - J

Gal Gadot - Meav Valkyrie

Garrett Hedlund - Valen Loch

Hale Appleman - Archer Saros

Hannah Pixie Snowdon - Sybella Nox

Jensen Ackles - Kal Itzal

Johnathan Rhys Myers - Damian Wallace

Julie Kennedy - Amethyst Margeau

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kate bracken - Lila Drake

Laura Vandervoort - Celyse Leblanc

Marie Avgeropoulos - Nocte Slate

Matthew Daddario - Connor Dracomir

P - Q - R - S - T

Pedro Soltz - Zaral Thedale

Phoebe Tonkin - Araceli Preito

Sam Heughan - Tambyn Ashen

Samuel Larsen - Simon Fibs

Santiago Cabrera - Astor Cassius

Scarlett Johansson - Irrys Garen

Takeshi Kaneshiro - Lyon Tian

Tom Mison - Edwin Drake

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Zoe Kravitz - Lex Marlowe