The fae as a whole are capable of magic with the addition of elemental magic affiliated to their sub race. As far as what is listed below they all can be capable of in some form, the skill of their use is a matter of talent and training. Without adequate practice, even innate talents can be useless. Elemental magic of each specific fae race are listed on the race page.


A form of illusion that most Fae use to change their appearances to blend in with human communities. Some of the older and longer lived Fae tend to take this magic to much larger levels of the entire spectrum of illusionary work, sculpting intricate and deceptive surroundings.

Just a small side note, all Fae have human forms. Whether or not they make use of them and develop them is their own choice, some Fae may deem it unnecessary. Some use just glamour for small changes in appearance as some of them are close enough to human in appearance, making use of a human form just seems illogical.


A mild form of teleportation used by Fae to travel within their own kingdom. Particularly to come and go from the Mound (because who wants to descend an exhausting flight of stairs...). Few are capable of long distances, often choosing to pair it with a bit of Glamour work and project themselves to a different location. In order to do that there must be an item of theirs in the area they would like to project themselves in. Projections can be incredibly life like or a translucent image that flickers.


This is particularly common in Greater Fae but all are capable of this to a degree. There is a described feeling in the presence of a powerful Fae, which may often be described as heady and euphoric. This trait specifically lends itself to Fae who are known for luring in humans for various reasons. Basically, the touch of a Fae, once felt, can often have profound effects on the psyche and the person's energy, evoking great yearning and longing to experience it again. A human can very well become addicted to it. This trait is not something that happens no matter what, a Fae who uses it frequently enough has the ability to control it (kind of like a dimmer light switch, you have control over the intensity). How other races react is unknown.