Name: Prodigium Fritterus

Nickname: Fritter

Weight: 30 - 60 lb

Height and Length: Stand approximately two to three feet high. It's length from head to body's end is roughly three to four feet. With the addition of the tail, it's length can reach up to ten feet.

Wingspan: Four feet

Lifespan: two to four years. Four being incredibly old.

Growth: They grow rapidly. Adulthood is reached within a month.

Reproduction: There is generally a Queen that produces several eggs that she carries on her back. Queens come and go frequently as mating is fairly violent. Eggs hatch within a week. Due to their rapid growth and reproduction numbers of increasing about ten to twenty Fritters, they are likely to be a pest most places outside of the Grove.

Livestock: The inhabitants of Grove considers them extremely edible, they are described to taste a lot like a lobster if you can get past their appearance and overall demeanor. Thankfully they generally don't live long.

Origin: The Grove

Appearance: Not to be confused with the desert, Fritters are quite gruesome. To better compile the features that make up their overall appearance, refer to the list below.

  • They have a spider-like body with long hairy spider legs. There are eight of them total. Generally, they are black and like to stick to the shadows.
  • Two large pinching claws that have the strength to break a leg.
  • A long tentacle tail that stings on contact and paralyzes smaller mammals (like sheep). For humans or other humanoids they tend to lose function of where they came in contact. Thankfully it does require skin contact so if it wraps around a boot you're clear.
  • Its mouth has large fangs that perpetually drool a greenish slime. It is not particularly venomous, the slime itself. It sticks to everything and almost leaves a trail that reflects light. Their bite, however, is venomous and does cause hemorrhagic anemia.
  • Lastly is has long narrow double wings and can fly. The wings themselves are abrasive and hard so in flight they make a scraping noise as they rub against each other.