Setting Introduction

Welcome to Elesya. A grand place of innovative thought, new ideas, political intrigue, adventure, wonderment, and exciting discoveries! Also the place that harbors a deep seated desire to suppress Magi (magically inclined humans), power hungry individuals who want nothing less than the destruction of all races outside their own, and home to a nasty thing called the Taint that is overtaking Elesya like a slow acting poison.

The Taint, aside from destroying entire civilizations, has forced remaining survivors in Parisa and the Sutherlands into the merciful arms of Lymoria and Raven's Rest. They were allowed to stay so long as they would abide by the laws. In Lymoria a Refugee Peace Treaty was passed, giving the Fae and the Elves a district to provide a safe haven for them. Only in this safe haven are they permitted to use their magic. Breaking this would be grounds for removal from Lymoria. Given the difference in culture, it was a bit of a shock for the refugees.

Most large civilized areas have a steam punk theme. Even some of the areas that were once the most primitive, are introducing new technology. A new age is on the rise and though swords are the typical weapon of choice, there is talk of explosive powder being a weapon of mass destruction.

Territory Relations

Only two territories exist now and it is a good thing they are on fairly friendly terms! Given the different climates and geography, the two rely heavily on trade of goods.

Expanded Trade Treaty Was formed several years ago as Dragons began to show increasing interest in making technological advancements. So an agreement was made to exchange knowledge and help in exchange for goods Lymoria cannot produce themselves.


There are several modes of travel within certain locations such as Lymoria but when it comes to long distance, there are three primary ways in which to travel: mount (typically horseback or something similar), walk, or airship. For your own reference as to the scale of Elesya, we have calculated locations commonly traveled to and from.
City of Lymoria to Raven's Rest is roughly 790miles

Terrain is mostly flat lands with very little obstructive travel.

On Foot: six to eight weeks.

Mount: three to four weeks

Airship: one to two weeks<center>

City of Lymoria to Nereus Beach roughly 790miles

Terrain is largely wooded or treacherous mountain ranges, slowing travel substantially.

On Foot: nine to eleven weeks.

Mount: six to seven weeks

Airship: one to two week