A large arachnid that lives in the tops of trees. Most commonly found in the Nuvyn pine region of the Sutherlands. Though small groups can be found in other lands. This spider does not have any venom but it’s legs are tipped by incredibly sharp points that allow it to slice into it’s prey or trap them to lift them into the trees and devour them still alive. Usually attack during the misty morning and evenings. The perfect example of an ambush predator. Extremely aggressive. To encounter one unprepared signs your own death warrants. The chitinous outside of the spider is valued for the extremely sharp appendages and many wanders into the woods looking for them to kill and take their limbs for profit. The spiders are white in color with reddish coloring to the eyes. The spiders size varies from age with the largest recorded one being the size of a large draft horse. It is assumed they can get bigger but no one has lived to know for sure. Most younglings are only the size of a small cat but in a swarm those sharp limbs can cut up a fully armored knight in moments. Extremely dangerous, the best way to repel the ivory spear is to use fire. The insects fear flames and will back off until the fire goes out, they do not leave their forest home so if you can escape the forest you are safe.