Name: Liferoot

Appearance: The liferoot is a thin-hairlike plant that has a bulbous champagne-gold rhizome. Because of its underwater nature, the liferoot is extremely hard to spot, and are often found very far a part from each other. The hair-like leaves it has are so thin that they are almost invisible to the naked eye when underwater, with only a gold glimmer when the sun rises and sets being the key indicator that there is a liferoot plant. When pulled out from the water, it resembles something like ginger, but thinner and much, much smaller. Its seed is located at the end of these hair-like leaves, often being eatne by local fish. It is not digestible, however, and is excreted out and thus able to corm a new liferoot plant once it settles in the sand of the lake.

Environment: The liferoot typically grows in the Theodas lakes, though it has been found in the lakes surrounding the Enchanted Forest and Elias Lake. It is rare, as it is almost unable to be found unless at dawn or dusk. They tend to be found towards the edge of the lake, nearest the shores but deep dives have found that the liferoot may be able to grow and thrive in the deepest part of the lake. Liferoots can live in any freshwater aquatic environment, however, but fast moving streams lend it to gather in more stillwater lake areas.

Uses: Liferoot paste is a very potent healing root, and almost all high-end tonics and salves contain liferoot paste. Though one only needs a small amount of paste, it contains a concentrated amount of chemicals that encourage rapid regeneration. When taken orally, it causes nausea and an intense headache, though once those effects subside, most people find their moderate wounds to be almost completely healed, with deep wounds already on its road to recovery. When used in a salve, there are very little side effects, but the salve must be wrapped and covered for an extended period of time and kept moist in order for deeper wounds to benefit from the effects.