If you would like to submit lore there is seriously no form for you to fill out whatsoever. But for starters, we encourage everyone to help each other out and be supportive, we love new ideas! If you think it might be a bit much or you are worried it won't fit, then chat with everyone to see what they think. The suggestion channel in our Discord is a perfect place for this.

Where do I put my information or how do I submit?

You MUST register and log in to edit and ad to this wiki. Once you have done that, let someone know what your username is so we can find you and give you appropriate settings.

The ability to organize information logically is the best part of this wiki! We have an array of categories things can fall under. To name the majority of them and what would pertain mostly to everyone are: "Flora, Fauna, Lymoria, Demir, Raven's Rest, Neutral Lands, and General".

You just tag your article where it would fall. If it is a story originating from somewhere, tag the location. All literal location pages we ask to also tag "Locations" along with wherever it is at, such as "Demir", so the tags for a shop located in Demir would be as follows: "Locations" "Demir". The Locations category is purely to index all available areas in lore. Below is a slideshow of screen shots to help you find your way around creating a page.

What else can I do?

You can edit the Who's Who page to make sure you are listed along with all your characters.