Name: Nevermore 

Found: Primarily in the swampy coasts along the outskirts of what was Gormlaith. The plant itself is parasitic and can easily thrive in many conditions, though it tends to kill the native plant species. 

Because of its uses, Nevermore is illegal in most cities. 

Appearance: A flowering vine that often climbs over trees and larger plants. Its blossoms are a deep blue color; the flower’s center is a bright red. The vine itself is thick, difficult to cut, and bears many prickly thorns. Nevermore are naturally pungently sweet smelling, their scent is difficult to mask even after the flowers have been ground up or burned. 

Uses: Ground up Nevermore flowers have been used as a hallucinogenic drug for the last century. When properly ingested, the flowers create powerful hallucinations that many have compared to lucid dreaming. The drug is highly addictive and can lead to short-term memory loss and at times permanent delusions, confusion, and paranoia. Those who partake in Nevermore regularly often find themselves plagued by nightmares should they go too long without a vial. 

Because of Nevermore’s bitter taste, the ground up flowers are often mixed with milk and honey, producing a potion that is typically a pale shade of lavender. 

The more purple the Nevermore potion, the more potent it is. Ingesting too much Nevermore has many nasty side-effects, including: permanent memory loss, insanity, never-ending sleep, and death. 

For those wishing to ingest Nevermore more safely, burning it as incense is known to stimulate creativity and loosen inhibitions (though direct inhalation of the smoke is still ill-advised).