Name: Ottercorn

Origin: Lymoria

Livespan: They can live up to roughly twenty years.

Size: Males can reach up to 100 pounds but generally fall around 60 pounds, and about three to four feet in length. Females can reach up to 70 pounds but most you come across weigh about 40 pounds and about two to three feet long.

Physical characteristics: Ottercorns have white and even sometimes gray/blue, very thick, water resistant fur. They are very well adapted to cold, aquatic life. Many bodies of water in Lymoria are frozen over and this is where their short, wide horn comes in handy, using it to break through ice. 

Diet: Fish, meat, and plant life. They spend a lot of time foraging and fishing. They are very dexterous with their fore-paws, as well as resourceful.

Things for concern: They are very curious creatures and can be quite feisty. They generally scratch but a bite from an ottercorn can be dangerous, their saliva is very bacterial and medicine in Elesya is not well enough advanced to effectively combat a bite that goes wrong.

Other notes: Though not always common because of their tendency to cause mischief, people have taken them in as pets.