This beetle is best known for it’s armored outside. The natural armored outside of the beetle is strong enough to block most metals and even some magics. Extremely strong but lacking in defense. Usually it will headbutt it’s target until it flees depending on the hardened skin to defend itself. The beetle primarily sustains itself on flowers and plants. These beetles can usually be found in the plains of Eleysa. The beetle’s coloring is green and brown with a large horn extending from it’s head. Harmless and normally seen as a nuisance. The insect’s main tactic is to hide in its shell like a turtle until the threat leaves. If that does not work it will take to the skies and flee. The armored outside of the beetle can often be seen reworked into tools and armor for the poor. Though the beetles size is usually that of a buckler so it is not considered the best but for a poor man a dead Shield hide is a gold mine.