• The following is for when you are DONE with your character's profile.
  • Tip: Double check that you have filled out all necessary fields. Even though blank fields don't show up on the profile, we will know if you left one out.
  • When you are sure you are done, create a new thread using the account that needs attention. You don't have to do anything special with the title or anything, just let us know in the post that you are done, if you are claiming a ruler position let us know that too! Each account that needs approval or editing should have their own post. This includes OOC/member accounts.
  • If you want to check if you have been accepted or not, view your profile to check your “Approval Status”.


  • Only staff can edit this, you cannot see this field in your UCP.
  • There are four different stamps the staff can use (three of which only apply to characters).
  • Stamp 1 – Pending: If staff saw something that needs to be fixed. They will set it to pending and you can expect to receive a pm. This is not a denial in any way.
  • Stamp 2 – Accepted: Self explainatory but if you are accepted, you will see the green stamp saying so.
  • Stamp 3 – Denied: This rarely happens. If it does then there must either be a very clear and severe misunderstanding of Elesya. Or there could be SO much that needs to be fixed that we think it would be best for you to try again and start over with a different idea. If we consider that you might not be the right fit we will let you know and send you on your way so we don't waste your time.
  • Stamp 4 – OOC Account: This does not apply to characters, those who have an ooc account need to create a thread as well to make sure they are sorted into the appropriate group as well as receive a stamp.



If you would ever like to update or change something in your profile just let us know in this forum as well. Just create a thread with the title reading as "UPDATE: what is being updated here" so an example would be: UPDATE: character play by or UPDATE: character noteworthy items. This will help us keep track of things and also update information like the claimed faces list. We will respond once we have read over the updates and made any updates necessary of our own.