DETAILS Found in a promenade that features a statue depicting the birth of the current race of Dragons. One of the oldest structures in Raven's Rest and has been fabled to be partially enchanted. It is an independent entity not answering to Zandren Numiri nor the Peace Keepers. It features a restricted section that contains magical works from all racial backgrounds. However getting into the vault is difficult. 

NPCS 'The Issuer, Miss Issuer' Ester -Open Npc-

CURRENT BOOKS FOUND IN LIBRARY (Feel free to add your own)

Runes, Seals and other Magical Shields by Atticus Horacio Handcock Morning Larks. Avery poetry from the mind of Atticus Emmanuel Handcock Elven Protection Wards. Transcribed by By Mikale Wulfrik


Books: Wish Upon a Rose by Abigail Bridges. Spoiler Alert: Rose dies.

The complete Maria Maravilla set in various forms, including the most recent novelette, Maria XXXIX: The Tango of Tempt. All written by Claudia Skye.

The Numbskull's Tutorial to Ties, Bowties, and Formal Dress, part of the Numbskulls Series.

Queen of the Gypsies, a handwritten, unfinished collection of loose-leaf papers curiously found in Ester's desk. Not officially listed, but still technically in the Library, so...


Additional books!

Take Me to the Stars by Persephone Heart. The first book in the wildly popular Swash and Unbuckle series, featuring a saucy romance between a pirate and his would-be captor. 

Fly Me Past the Moon by Persephone Heart. The story continues, with the addition of a new suitor in the form of a storm dragon! Perils and passion awaits!

Love Me on the Waves by Persephone Heart. How will the story end? Will love prevail, or will the new danger take over the entire crew?