Once part of the main continent of Elesya, the grounds of The Grove were rocketed into the sky after a freak incident involving a Dragon Gem. Compelled by powerful magic, the land broke free from Parisa and lifted into the air. Thanks to the powerful magic flowing through the island, The Grove has managed to stay lush and thriving despite its suspension for hundreds of years. Much of the islands foliage and animal life is much like what would have been found on Parisa, though perhaps slightly altered from strange conditions and magical contamination.  

Covering the expanse of the island is a massive, ancient complex that was once a great reliquary in Parisa. Even before the split, this place was known as The Grove— house of knowledge, once a sanctuary to all things ancient and powerful…

Throughout the years, even those following its isolation from Parisa, The Grove has been a home to magical artifacts, tomes of knowledge, mysterious beasts, and dangerous marvels.

Though time has brought ruin to some of the building’s original architecture, plant life and greenery has grown through every crack and crevice. Now The Grove seems more part of the island itself. Vines and giant trees and flowering plants can be found around every corner. Running water flows through streams and into pools, never ending despite the island’s suspended state.

The Magic Gem

The gem that is embedded within the earthy matter of the floating island is called the 'magic gem'. It is this gem that causes a whole lot of things on this island to take on magical properties. Quite obviously it is the gem that keeps the island floating aimlessly, though for the most part seems to not stray far from Elesya.