A human who is capable of magic is referred to as a Magi. This magic system is only true to humans.

Those capable have what can best be described as a magical reservoir or more than one depending on the branch. The image below explains what each one is capable of. The three main ones are not interchangeable, this is what you are born with so a Holder cannot 'level up' to be a Stealer or Castor. In reference to the diagram above, the overlapping reservoirs represent primary usage. Please be aware of the lifespan of humans, the amount of training, and how little time they actually have to tap into other abilities outside of their primary one.

Branches of Magi



What types of magic are available?

The sky is the limit, seriously. If it falls in with the laws of magic, isn't too incredibly over-powered, it can be anything of your choosing. Ask if you feel uncertain. We are trying our best to not limit our Magi. If you are looking for ideas, THIS SITE has a great list of magic superpowers.

What is this Ore that Holder Magic needs?

The ore is called Prenyx. It is midnight black with swirls of dark purple with flecks of reflective particles resembling the pearly inside of a sand shell.

Master Magi

Only a few Master magi exist in the known world of Elesya (two to be exact). These Magi have mastered skills in all branches of magic(caster, holder and stealer). While they do have their own limitations with magical energy, they don’t tend to reach it (not necessarily because they have a huge reservoir but because they are smart and know how to preserve their energy by using as little as possible and getting the greatest effect). Masters are always born a castor magi and branch out from there to other magics. Due to the difficulty in learning other branch skills (namely stealer) there has never been a master magi under the age of 40. Becoming a master has been pretty much unheard of since the Magic Council who once governed magic all over Elesya have perished.