Name: The Rookery 

Found: Hidden in dockyards of Raven’s Rest, The Rookery is a long-abandoned factory building. Its front is nondescript with boarded up windows and doors that match the other buildings on its lane. The Rookery is directly across from a rarely used section of harbor, mainly poor fishing dinghies and half-ruined merchant vessels. The only actual entrance to the factory is a cellar door found along a side-alley. 

Appearance: Outside The Rookery looks like utter crap and the inside isn’t much better. The building itself is four levels and was once used as a trading base for a local winery. 

The cellar: This is this first thing anyone sees of The Rookery. Unfinished and originally designed to house wine, the cellar looks more like a cave than anything. Makeshift walls have been set up against the far corner of the cellar, forming a series of cells that serve as a dungeon of sorts. Mismatched rugs and carpets cover the stone floor. Any light in the cellar is provided by the numerous multi-colored lanterns hanging from the ceiling. There are frequently guards on this floor. 

First & second floors: The few Jesters that are allowed to frequent The Rookery are often on the first or second floor of the factory. Typically dark thanks to the boarded up windows, there are often candles and lanterns scattered across various surfaces. Stolen goods and décor fill these floors, deposited by whichever thief dragged them back. It’s a “rec room” of sorts, a place where Jesters can crash. On the second floor smack-dab in the center of the room there’s a caged in ring used for entertainment and interrogation. 

Third floor: Actually a smaller attic space, this is where the leader of The Jesters lives. Even more of a magpie collection of stolen goodies than the rest of The Rookery, Dove Larkspur keeps decades worth of loot in the room that as plush as it is grim. The ceiling is missing a few planks, letting in the only bits of natural light you’ll find in The Rookery. At night the attic is cast in a reddish glow due to red painted lanterns Dove keeps. There a large round table near the middle of the room where Jester meetings are held. 

Uses: The base of The Jesters, only known by trusted members and the occasional “business partner”.