The Wolves Den A bar in Raven’s Rest that is owned by Astor Cassius and used as the headquarters of the Five Ring Mercenary Company. The bar has two levels and an extensive cellar that is used as a barracks for members of the group who do not have other lodgings. The first floor is the common room and bar. This is where liquor and jobs are dolled out in equal measures. The Wolves Den gives jobs to mercenary companies outside of the Five Ring Mercenaries so this bar is a hot spot for individual mercs and companies that are looking for jobs. 

The second floor is home to Astor and many of the five ring commanders. There are a few rooms that are not used by the mercenaries. These are often rented out to travelers as it is rare to find a thief willing to steal from a bar full of mercs. The common area has a lower level and an upper level. The upper level is full of private tables and cost a bit, unless you are one of the five rings or six rings, to rent for a bit of privacy. Though you can go up there if invited by a current renter. The lower level is large with plenty of tables and a warm seating area with a large fire place. The walls are decorated with weapons, mounted animal heads, enemy mercenary company banners, and a few paintings. The furniture is sturdy and plain for the most part with the more lavish furniture on the upper level. 

The bar also hosts a stage where singers, dancers, and musicians perform to entertain the mercenaries gather within. This area is off limits to anyone not performing and if one of the performers is touched it is a sure fire way to get kicked out of the bar.