General description: These curious creatures are common pets in Raven's Rest. They are quite trainable and bright, very useful for an alarm of danger. Their ears can pick up the faintest of noises and if said noise is deemed suspicious they sound the alarm with high pitched yodeling yelps. They have very dexterous hands and feet, much like a monkey or a raccoon. Their tail often used to anchor them in trees for they sleep upside down.

Origin: They are most common in the eastern parts of the Neutral Lands and in the Sutherlands. There are some in Lymoria but they are not so common and hard to find or keep as pets.

Color varieties: Their tails are always striped and their ears tipped in the same manner, however color can vary widely like a cat's. White, black, brown, patchy, striped, tan, or even gray. In lymoria, they have long fur and live in smaller colonies.

Size: They are small in size, the largest they get being maybe 15lbs. From nose to tail they can easily stretch five to six feet. Tails tend to vary in length.

Lifespan: They only live to 15 to 20 years of age. 20 is considered OLD for a Twitchit.

Reproduction: They can either live alone or in small colonies of up to 50 twitchets. They mate annually and produce ten to twenty in a litter.