Name: White Mage Cap

Appearance: The white mage cap is a white flower with red at the points of its petals that grows along a long stem, up to about 2.5 feet. These flowers have 6 petals and face downward, giving the appearance of bells. They tend grow 15-20 flowers per stem. Their berries are a warm red that have a bittersweet juice and appear to be perfectly round balls. It has 2-3 large leaves that grow upwards, with the tip reaching the bottom-most flowers.

Environment: The white mage cap is a common perennial plant found in almost every region of Elesya in large, open spaces or on the edge of dense woodlands. While it cannot survive extreme conditions, it is hardy enough to survive a cold or dry spell. They are commonly eaten by many small herbivorous animals. Many communities have a small patch of land they dedicate to the plant, though it is common enough that it can be easily found when searching for it.

Uses: The white mage cap's berry has many medicinal uses, being the most common ingredient in most healing products. Used in tonics and salves, the berry hastens the healing process and helps preserve ones physical well being. The only negative side effect is it's bitterness, which makes it a well-rounded medicinal plant. Because of its lack of potency, it is often used as filler material for most products or as a liquid that dilutes a particularly strong solution. A tonic or salve made of white mage cap berries is said to have a small effect, but is potent enough to be useful in dire situations.