Wyrmspawn After the great dragon was slain, more than just the dragons of today came from its defeat. Other creatures, known as Wyrmspawn, have taken to occupying the mountain belts of the wastes. The Wyrmspawn is 2.5 metres long, spanning from head to the end of its tail which on its own contributes a metre in length. The creature is quite bulky, having large muscles laying under its scaled skin. The Wyrmspawn takes the form of a large lizard, capable of both quadruped and bipedal stances for longer periods of time. Typically, the Wyrmspawn will only stand on their hind legs while fighting. They normally colour a dark grey or green, with a few being brown. They lack larger horns but still have stubbed outcroppings of scales comparable to horns running along their backs.  Wyrmspawn typically live in groups, taking cover in natural caves. They have the intelligence to create primitive traps and weapons, but past this, they lack much. Perhaps, their only inventions being those for hunting stands to pledge for their natural aggressive behaviour inherited from the great dragon. The Wyrmspawn will adhere to a single broodmother, who herself will never leave the caves. She instead lays eggs and protects said eggs from foreign invaders. Her size almost doubles that of the average Wyrmspawn.  Wyrmspawn is a carnivorous kind, as is much of what dwells in the vegetation-poor wastes. As such, they are excellent predators and group hunters. They can utilise both their needle teeth and primitive spears, in accordance with their sneak step, to take down larger predators of which they live. Their organs have developed to be able to live off of predator and omnivore meat, a trait most predators lack as predators ordinarily have too much iron and too little plant-based vitamins to be a viable and singular long-term meal.